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Research at Istınye Unıversitytr

trAtll economically and socially developed countries have developed a vision of science and technology in line with their level of development. Universities, which are the most important leaders of this development process, use R&D studies as an effective tool in Research and Development in the process of expanding the vision of their own countries. In the real sense, the main purpose of university education is to raise individuals who are creative, self-confident ,entrepreneur and have problem solving ability with universal sensitivity. In this context, the main approach of the educational process is to provide a physical, academic and scientific environments to raise individuals who can solve problems and produce new knowledge.
The founding philosophy of Istinye University, which set out to be an institution that produces knowledge, is to be a research-oriented university that will improve national and international development processes. Our university continues to make significant investments in research infrastructure by gathering important scientists which are pioneer in their field, in health, social and physical sciences.

As we approach the 100th year of our Republic, in line with the goal of reaching the level of contemporary civilization; Prof. Erdal KARAÖZ, Istinye University Rector who is responsible for R&D, stated that students of the Istinye University are raised as individuals who can contribute to World of science by working in R&D centers.